Numerous feeds stopped updating

Help! After months/years of hardly any issues, I’ve had numerous feeds stop updating: Esquire Magazine, Outside Magazine, Science Based Medicine. They all seemed to stop working around the end of March/beginning of April. Other feeds still function.

Could this be a problem with the individual content providers? My NewsBlur configuration? NewsBlur itself?

Same problems on my iPhone App.

Thanks for any help!

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Can you post a url of the feeds when you read them in newsblur? I want to make sure I have the exact same feed to look at.

Thanks for looking at them. They all seemed to quit around the same time:

Outside Magazine Article Feed
Science-Based Medicine

Ok, the first two just no longer publish an RSS feed. I confirmed by looking at competitor readers, and at the sites themselves.

Last one has been fixed. If you went to the page and got the RSS feed url - - you would be able to enter it in and fix the feed.

I have been seeing the same problem with several sites. Here is an example:

Manually inspecting this feed shows that there have been several updates since March 26th, which is the most recent post shown in newsBlur.