Number of sites increases when I hit global-blurblogs etc

When I hit the home button initially, it tells me I have 47 sites. This seems about right. Then I hit Global Shared Stories, wait for it to load, and go back to Home, now it tells me I have 87 sites. Then I go back to Global Shared Stories, scroll down a bit so it loads more, go back to Home, and now I have 133 sites. It’s as if all the sites that those stories came from are being added to the count.

The same thing happens when I load Saved Stories. I have a bunch of old saved stories imported from Google Reader, which don’t show as being associated with any particular NewsBlur feed, so that may be relevant. Or not.

Hitting the browser’s reload button resets the count to the correct number, at least temporarily.

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That is not the only trigger although yeah, I can reproduce this. I’ve also experienced that the number of sites slowly starts creeping up, but I don’t vising global blurblogs and don’t use saved stories very often so for me it must be something else.

Edit: this can happen with “all shared stories” too.

And fixed! Thanks for letting me know. I also fixed the ‘r’ on the dashboard incrementing site count bug.

Yup, that’s fixed it. Thanks!

Indeed, thanks for the fix.