Number of Sites Changes

When I first log in, it says I have 747 sites, then after the page finishes loading it changes to 736, if I go into “Organize Sites” and select all, it says I have 737.

Did I break something?

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Nope, those are just feeds that have been cleaned up and merged into other feeds. There is some detritus left over and NewsBlur will ordinarily clean those up for you. If you give me your username, I can manually force the cleanup.

My username is epyon_avenger.


I would be interested in knowing what it was cleaning up/merging.

Some things (like tumblr feeds) get put behind passwords, but I wouldn’t want them removed because the users often end up re-enabling their tumblrs later.

Other things (like the mangastream feeds) I have noticed switched from my individual feeds to the group/all feed. Which might just need some tweaking from me to fix, but I definitely don’t want it to merge/remove things without at least telling me what it is doing.

Let me just say, wow, 747 RSS feeds.

You’re a rock star.

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Thanks. XD

Could do a cleanup for me too? My username is dolohow

Looks like 14 feeds were added to your account, although not all of them are live feeds.

And dolohow, you had 52 feeds. Not sure what they are but those feeds were being merged at an aggressive rate. If you think something is up, feel free to email me which feeds you think are doing something weird:

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So I should just keep an eye on it for now and make sure it isn’t missing things?