"NULL #" computer code on android

Seeing this “null” computer code intermittently (ex: # p #1_6 # ad skipped = NULL #). Intermittently meaning it doesn’t happen in every feed. This example is from rawstory, but I do not see it from talking points memo, for example. Not sure if its related to the other Android issues. I see this on my android phone and tablet and in the latest version of firefox on my win10 laptop.

It’s probably from the Mercury Reader text parser that I’m using now. You’re on the Text view I assume. That’s not going to be 100% as it has to go out to the webpage and fetch the text, which requires a lot of guesswork.

Yes, am on Text view. Just thought it odd that it just now started up as I’d not seen it before at all. I’d thought it may be related to other issues.