Notifications Time Delay

Why is there such a time delay in receiving iOS notifications? What am I doing wrong? You can see from these screenshots that this iOS notification was 40 minutes after the story had been posted. I’m trying to use these alerts to keep on top of breaking news events, but having them being delayed by 40 minutes will never work. How do I make the push notification send to my iOS device as soon as they’re posted? I can’t figure it out. Thanks!

IMG_EAE44E227381-1 Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.44.24 AM

You can find out how often a feed is fetched by right-clicking on it and opening Statistics (works on iOS by using the manage menu > statistics). In your case, it’s probably due to being the only subscriber to a low volume feed. If you are a premium user and the feed is publishing every day, it should be fetched every 15-30 minutes.

I may consider a boost feature one day that allows you to boost a feed to be fetched every 2-3 minutes for $1/month/feed.

Gotcha. Ok, that makes sense for a low followed feed, sucks, but is understandable. AND I would gladly purchase that $1/per feed 2-3min updater for over a dozen of my feeds. That would be AWESOME! Thanks!