notice when a feed hasn't updated in a while and notify user

It might be nice to identify any feeds that haven’t had any updates in a while and ask the user if anything should be done about it. “A while” could just be a certain amount of time, or perhaps Newsblur could figure out how often a feed usually gets an update and then raise a flag if it’s been X times as long since an update came in.


This will be part of an Organizer I’m planning to build. Did Reader have this or something? I’ve been getting a number of requests of this sort.

Don’t know if Reader had it. I think about this feature every time a site I follow has a post saying “our feed address is changing” or whatever – makes me wonder about authors who accidentally change their feeds, that I’m now missing.

I really like the “fix a misbehaving site” feature, by the way. Seems like this could be part of it: instead of an exclamation point next to the feed name, you could show a question mark next to feeds that haven’t updated in a while. Not sure what sort of actions would be appropriate to offer once a user clicked on it though…

I don’t recall GReader having anything like this, but it is a compelling idea.

If the mean time between each of the last several posts for a feed is (t) and it has been (t*N) since the last post, a little flag indicating this fact might be a cool feature, since it is human nature to notice new things, but to not notice missing things.

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GReader didn’t have a notifier, but their statistics page did show your top 40 feeds sorted by how long ago they last updated.

Google reader didn’t have this, and it’s something that I noticed newsblur had that is a half-step towards this.

If you set it to all feeds and open your folders, you can see which ones haven’t updated properly due to errors of some sort.

Adding a “staleness” setting on feeds might be handy. Some feeds might not update in a year, others might update every day.

This is something I always wanted from Reader, but to my knowledge Reader didn’t have it.

I believe the desktop client NetNewsWire had a view that showed you “dinosaurs” - that is, the feeds that hadn’t updated in a long time. Beyond that, it makes a lot of sense.

It didn’t notify you, but you could check that in the “Trends”:…, in the “Inactive” tab.

Yes. I used Trends to periodically cull inactive feeds (or find problems such as changed feed URLs that I was unaware of)

Yep, click Trends then Inactive to see a list of the feeds that haven’t been updated in the longest time. I use this to keep the number of feeds I subscribe to down by removing those that aren’t updated.