Not receiving iOS push notifications for newsletters

I have about a dozen email newsletters going into Newsblur, and I’ve enabled iOS notifications for all of them. I’ve also confirmed that Newsblur has full permissions to send me push notifications. It’s been about a week and I’ve never seen a notification come through. The badge count also doesn’t update until I open Newsblur and manually refresh. At first I thought it might be because I’m a free user (currently still deciding if Newsblur meets my needs) and that the fetch isn’t very frequent, but I let it sit for a couple of days and confirmed that daily newsletters are not triggering push notifications.

I looked into this and couldn’t figure out why it’s happening for you. It’s likely something to do with a broken APNS token, but your iOS app should be sending those periodically. It’s entirely possible newsletters aren’t sending push notifications, so I’ll set those up to test and see if I get any notifications.

Are other notifications working or just newsletters? Also, what’s your username? I’d love to check the logs.

Thanks for digging into it! My username is hodgesmr. I don’t currently have any feeds other than email newsletters.

Thanks for your patience. I just fixed the issue and starting now you should start receiving email newsletters as notifications. I subscribed to a bunch of newsletter notifications myself, so I’ll hopefully see it come in soon.