Not Enough Praise

Just wanted to give a little props to Sam for all the great work he does. Seems like people always have questions or problems…no one ever compliments the work it takes to keep a site of this magnitude up and running - and keeping up with the customer service side of things too. My Newsblur on my work PC is open all day from 9-5, and it is RARELY down or not working properly. If something is wrong, it’s fixed asap. Premium should be the only option, I’ve been happy with paying to keep this Sam & this site going. Keep up with the great work Sam!!


totally agree. Go NewsBlur! Go Sam!

Same here; I practically live in newsblur, and I don’t think I could count hiccups on one hand, let alone two. And it’s getting better feature-wise the whole time. Well worth the price!

Google killing Reader was the best thing to happen to my RSS feed now that I have NewsBlur.

Hear hear! Thank you, Sam!

Yeah Sam!
He’s the website designer and tech support and everything and still manages to be totally professional. I don’t know how he does it all and he deserves all admiration.

Thanks Sam. I really dig NewsBlur and read the news several times a day. Great work!

Yes, huge props to Sam. But shouldn’t this thread be under “Problem”?

@Bruce I did consider that, but I thought the green heart praise symbol looked better then another red triangle problem symbol in the thread topics…

Great work Sam, and thank you for all the effort

Indeed - it’s great to see the new ideas and features coming into the service - fantastic replacement for Google Reader and one I’m glad I found…

@llg. Yes, good thinking; you’re right on target. I meant my comment more as humor than reality. Perhaps I should’ve added a wink :wink:
Sam works tremendously hard on Newsblur and deserves as much thanks and praise as possible. Yes, it does have some quirks but in my opinion, the best (and best supported) news reader out there.

Thanks SAM for such great app which really help me to forgot google reader


Thanks everybody! And look forward to the next couple features I’m launching this month: expanded Statistics graphs and a Recently Read feed.

Looking forward to that! One of the few web services I’m most happy to pay for. Thank you!

I agree, more praise is meritted. I spend more time looking at NewsBlur than any other site/app/property. It’s a great app/site at a fair price. I love it.

Agreed entirely. Newsblur is the best subscription service I’ve encountered. Great content, delivered well, responsive and intuitive. I love it!

Gladly resubbing come the 30th!

Agree 100%. I’ve tried all the major options out there and Newsblur is the best all-around. Keep up the great work Sam, you’ve made a service that improves our lives on a daily basis!