None of my feeds (imported from google reader) appear in the app

I created a non-Premium account based off of my old Google Reader account. The NB website looks fine, has all (18) of my imported feeds, and works well. However, the NB app shows exactly zero feeds. Trying to use a 3rd party app (the beta for NewsRob), I get a ClassCastException (JsonNull to JsonObject) which implies to me that the external API isn’t returning any feeds. That’s not a Premium-restricted feature, is it? Would love to not have to move to Feedly, but no Android use is a dealbreaker for me. Any suggestions?

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Do you by any chance have access to the iOS app? I’d love to know if it works there.

I’ll see if I can borrow someone’s iOS device.

Tried on an iPhone 4S, worked just fine:

Bump? This is killing’ me here. Would like to avoid deleting and recreating all my feeds.