No way to move a feed from an existing folder to a new folder.

Currently the only way to create a new folder is in the workflow of adding a new feed. There is no way to move existing feeds to a new folder.

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Can you right-click on a site and use the “Move to Folder” option?

I think the request is to be able to add a new folder from that Move option, rather than the two-step process of creating a folder then moving a feed to the folder. Essentially this, but for moving a feed instead of adding one:…

…except if I want to move it to a new folder, there is no option to create a new folder in the “Move to Folder” option.

Ahh, I see. That menu is already a bit overloaded. I’m building a batch editing dialog soon, and that will allow easy creation of folders, movement of feeds (in batch, too) with drag-and-drop.