No Updates

My premium account was not updated for several hours. Finally, one feed, that for the New York Times, was updated, but NONE of the others. Are you working on this issue?


Are all of your feeds Google Alerts or News searches? What’s your username?

My user name is: STUFALK

No, not all of my feeds are Google searches or News searches.

Now the New York Times has also stopped updating.

Same here. A good 2 hours

It looks like my feeds are updating, but the unread post counters don’t appear; if I click on the feed, it shows the new articles and they are correctly marked as unread, just no numbers in the feed list.

I haven’t received any updates for a while.

My feeds are not updating at all.

Same here. Note that as an interim solution switching the feed display to “All” from “Unread” sort-of-works - it won’t show an unread count for updated feeds, but if you manually click each feed you’ll see any new items (although you can’t use the keyboard to manually jump to next unread).

Seems to be affecting both the Web and the ios app.

Thanks Samuel. It seems to have started refreshing. Don’t really understand what an “edge case” means, but appreciate your fixing it.

Starting to trickle in now. Good times.

“edge case” = only applicable to very few individuals whose requirements far exceed (or are far below) usual.

So basically we’re a bunch of resource gluttons. Heh.

Nope, by edge case I meant that this only affected a few users. This had nothing to do with your usage (all users essentially use the same resources. the feed fetcher smoothes out differences between users quite well). Just had to do with timing.

Sam the man.

OK, just fixed the issue. It was an edge case and only affected certain accounts, but it should quickly flush through the system. It won’t be instant, but if you open the feed and then reload NewsBlur, the correct count should be there. Or just wait a few hours for it to naturally recount.