"No stories to read" replaces current story

About a dozen times today, I’ve been in the middle of reading a story when it suddenly disappears and is replaced with the “No stories to read” message. This happens even when there are many stories remaining on the feed. It’s happened on several different feeds. It happens within a few seconds of opening the story, and doesn’t seem associated with me pressing any keys or clicking.


Actually, this may be happening sometimes when I mouse click within the story to focus it.

It definitely happens when you mouse-click (or scroll the wheel) within the story.

I’m seeing the same on desktop, and also something similar on Android – opening a feed sometimes shows the list of stories for just a second or two before switching to “No stories found”; back button and re-selecting the feed usually works.

Just happened to me too. I think all I did was move the mouse across the story and it disappeared.

Yikes, this needs to get fixed. Is this an Android bug? Or is this a website bug? Can you post a full browser screenshot.

Here we go. One thing I just noticed is that the search bar has my username in it (polpo). I don’t remember putting that in there unless I accidentally triggered it with a keyboard shortcut, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t do.

I’m seeing it on desktop (chrome on ubuntu) too. It appears most commonly for me when I use my mouse wheel to scroll.

Happens frequently for me. Clicking on a story. have to refresh the channel, and story is marked as read. Chrome windows

I just middle-clicked a link inside a news story I was reading to load the link in another tab; the story immediately vanished from Newsblur, “No stories to read”. (Showing unread only, of course.) Gah.

I’m getting this too - funny theory: I think it’s Lastpass filling in the username in the search field and I see you’re using that as well polpo. Is that a commonality for anyone else in this thread?

I thought this because I had Lastpass getting autofill happy on another website this morning and replacing a form field it hadn’t been touching previously.

I’ve disabled auto-fill for my newsblur lastpass entry to see if that helps.

Excellent. That does seem to be the problem. I’m also using LastPass and it is filling in the search box with my username for some reason. Disabling autofill (click on the LastPass icon…show matching sites…Newblur…check ‘Disable Autofill’…click save) does the trick. I think I can reliably cause and solve the problem with my ask.metafilter.com feed by switching switching ‘disable autofill’ on and off.

The LastPass people are pretty responsive to problems if the Newsblur people want to get in contact with them.

Good catch. After thinking about it a bit I’m not sure if this is the cause of the original reported issue though – I first noticed it when I was in “All Site Stories” view which doesn’t have a search box. I’ve disabled autofill (and autologin) for Newsblur and I’ll see if this issue happens again.

You might be right. There’s another thread ‘Automatic “finding” my username…’ that seems very similar to this problem, but the one screenshot doesn’t appear to show them using LastPass. Maybe they’re using another autofilling extension.

It was Lastpass! I didn’t notice because I use 1Password. So… how do I make it stop? I want you to still be able to use Lastpass on NewsBlur, but I suspect there’s something I can do to prevent Lastpass from doing this.

I think it may be a Lastpass bug, rather than a problem with NewsBlur.

https://forums.lastpass.com/viewforum… has a number of threads about things being automatically filled in in the last few days: “LastPass filling in non-login fields with username”, “Lastpass autofilling comment fields”, “Lastpass is autofilling my search from a week ago”, etc

LastPass acknowledges a 4\11 update was causing problems for users on several sties (google, Outlook email). They pushed an update last night (4\14), so as long as everyone updates their LastPass extension (and possibly logout\log back into LastPass), this is supposedly resolved.

Of course, if you had the problems above and don’t have LastPass installed…then I don’t know what’s going on!

The problem does seem to have gone away for me with the new LastPass version (3.1.10, 4/14/14 build). I can turn Autofill back on for newsblur.com and everything seems to be working like it’s supposed to.