"No stories to read" for some feeds since updating to Android App Version 4.6.1

Since updating the Android App to Version 4.6.1, i’m experiencing problems some strange behavior with some of my feeds:
In the Overview, i see that i have unread entries in my feeds.
When i open the feed, the entries are listed, but only for a second. Then the list goes blank, and i receive a “No stories to read” message.
This happens on both “Show unread only” and “Show all”.
When i try to open one of the entries in the second that it’s shown, i am only shown a blank page, the content of the entry isn’t shown.
Affected Newsfeeds are 
http://feeds.feedburner.com/Bitblokes and

Phone is a Oneplus One (bacon) with Android Version 5.1.1

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