No Premium without a Credit Card?

I’ve read that e-mail might currently not be the preferred way to contact the dev, so I’ll post it here too.

As a “power user” (about 150 feeds) I need the premium subscription feature. Now I don’t have a credit card (most German students don’t), so there is no way to pay for it. Maybe it should be possible to pay for a year in advance or something…?

Sticking to Tiny Tiny RSS until this is resolved.

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You can only pay for premium in installments of 1-2 years, so this is already possible! :slight_smile:

How? I only found the PayPal button - requiring me to enter credit card data.

See here:…

Maybe he reconsiders it now, that there are so many new users, but i guess this is not a priority until the servers are stable again.

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Sorry, misread. Thought you were only asking for a way to pay for a year in advance

Ah, thanks. Added my +1 there.

(On a side note: dropping him an e-mail does not work although he suggested it there. Well, the users…)

Do you have a debit card maybe? I know PayPal say credit card and so does the the second option but in reality a debit card will probably work, should for PayPal anyway.

I can use direct debit with PayPal, but not for recurring payments like a NewsBlur subscription.

If you go to he’s got a custom signup form that uses stripe instead of paypal. I used my debit card with it just fine.

Please continue discussion in the original thread:…

This will keep it simple and organized for Samuel. :slight_smile:

The Stripe form says: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. No Maestro or whatever debit card.

I guess you’re kind of out luck then unless more options are added (though you could still try the stripe form, it might work with Maestro). At least where I live most debit cards are either Visa or MasterCard so those exist as well.

Saw this on twitter, figured I’d link here.…

The only e-mail I got from Samuel was “well it should work” or something, no “tell me your username and I will do it”.

That tweet was for folks who don’t have a credit card. If you’ve tried and still can’t get a premium account, I’m happy to upgrade you. Just make sure you email me your username.

Ah, I see.

OK, when Google Reader is down I know what to do … :smiley:

I would also like a feature where I can pay with paypal for a fixed number of years instead of recurring payment.

Agreed. I’d much prefer to just pay for a year at a time rather than have another recurring payment, specially when it’s only once a year.