No on-screen control to exit in-app browser on iPad in 4.0.

In 4.0, When you enter the in-app browser on iPad, the only way to get out of it is via a gesture. There is no on-screen control.

On iPhone, there is a left chevron to exit the browser, but not on iPad.


This is intentional. Once you learn it, it’s great. The real answer is that I spent upwards of 20 hours trying to get a button to go there with a gesture, and it’s beyond my ability right now. I’ll try again soon, but it’s just a very, very hard control to get right, due to its custom nature.

It was either a button or a gesture, and I chose gesture. After using it for the past month, I’m glad I did. But I do plan to add a button sooner rather than later.

It can be a little fiddly getting the gesture to work but once you get the hang of it, it’s really cool.

I have no problem using the gesture. The issue is discoverability. I actually force-quit 4.0 the first time I used it because I thought it was broken. I suspect you’ll have multiple users in that situation. I thought gestures were supposed to be shortcuts?

It would be nice if there were an on-screen control, too.

Doesn’t work well with sites like imgur that capture left/right gestures to go forwards and backwards. (this is an ipad mini retina)

and by “doesn’t work well” I mean you have to do frantic repeated swiping - a serious usability issue. I’ve had to force kill the app more than once to get out of a story I can exit no other way.

This is horrible. Not only do I have to bring three fingers instead of one to screen (and when holding the iPad with my left hand I have to grab it with my right hand), it also doesn’t recognise the gesture at all when viewing a page that uses touch events.

I also force-quitted the app like Deborah, before I realised this was intentional.

The area where the back-button resided is now empty. Would it be such a bad idea to bring it back, and keep the gesture for people who think that’s actually not a bad idea ?

You only need one finger for the swipe.

But, yea. You just stated several of the reasons why gestures, no matter how nice, should never be the only way to do something.

The latest app just shipped with a back button. This should now be resolved.

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Oh, sorry, I hadn’t updated yet, good timing :slight_smile: This works so much better for me. When you use an app for up to several hours a day the little usability quirks matter. Thanks for a great service!