No more facebook RSS


facebook stopped its RSS feeds some days ago:

Page RSS Feed endpoint - at []( "Link https//wwwfacebookcom/feeds/pagephp") is now deprecated and will stop returning data from June 23, 2015. Developers should call the Graph API’s /v2.3/{page\_id}/feed endpoint instead. This returns JSON rather than RSS/XML.

Is there any possibility to add access to public facebook news to newsblur?

Thanks in advance!

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Is anybody else having this issue? There’s a possibility of fixing this, but it’s a time commitment that I can’t make without a number of people asking for it.

Pretty please? :slight_smile:

I would appreciate this as well!

What are some example URLs you’re subscribed to?

I had no idea this was available. If you fix it, I’ll start using it!  :slight_smile:

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For example I used to subscribe to the newsfeed.

The id number is the numeric facebook id. You can use this site to find it:

I used those feeds as well. Unless/until there’s a better workaround, there’s also , which will give you a feed of any fanpage you like (but only pages and only those you like, and you’ll need to log back in one every sixty days) 

Well, the good thing about the RSS feeds was that you don’t need a facebook account to read the (public) feeds. And I’m not going to get an account just for that …

I have an example of for

Has a solution to this issue been identified? I would love to have this feature available again.

So using Facebook’s social graph api requires access tokens, and the access tokens are temporary? 

An access token is required to view publicly shared posts.

That doesn’t even really make sense. It might almost be more fun to write an http scraper if the FB pages are public, but FB pages aren’t very usable at the best of times.This is disappointing, as I subscribed to 15 or so different FB page feeds.
I’m willing to try to hack something together, but I’m not willing to log into Facebook to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

This doesn’t feel like the right feature for an RSS reader, especially if there’s authentication involved. OP might be able to cobble together something with Yahoo Pipes that takes the JSON and publishes it as RSS. I say this as someone who’s used the Facebook RSS features since … a very long time.

Yahoo Pipes is dead too, these are dark days for the internet, lol

OH NO. Damn it, I was unaware of that.

I was using this for 20-30 Facebook sites. :(   I despise Facebook, but people post there more than anywhere else. If I can’t get this working, they can have their stupid walled garden to themselves.

If you need more examples, happy to provide.

Is there any chance this is on your feature list, or should we start looking at other ways to solve this?

Is it possible we can still get this functionality? After it was added for YouTube in a similar scenario I feel there is precedent for it now.

Added a ticket so that this may happen someday:

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