No module named 'boto' on branch docker_django3.1

I am trying to setup newblur using docker compose , I am on branch origin/docker_django3.1
When running ‘make nb’ , the container seems failed to find ‘boto’ module which I checked is already in requirements.txt - I assume it is installed in docker image by Dockerfile already ?

Good news! The branch you want is master. Try make nb on master and you should be set. How’d you know to use the old docker_django3.1 branch? We should update whatever documentation we have to point back to master. Also, I thought I deleted that branch?

I was able to see docker_django3.1 on my local git branch. Today I deleted git folder of Newsblur and cloned a completely new Newblur branches . Now everything works !
Thank you !

Just a reminder, that the July 1st blog post on the new release promised a more technical detailed post in the coming weeks. I know you’ve got your hands full but that’s the kind of information that some would find useful in attempting to contribute to the project.

I’m still in the process of moving db machines over. I’ve finished the heaviest db which is mongo, and I’m working on elasticsearch now. Redis and Postgres are next. Once those two are done I’ll write up a post detailing the new infrastructure and ansible code used to create everything locally and on prod.