No indication of replies to shared articles?

Suppose I share a story, and then one of my followers sees the story on my feed and shares it with a reply. Is there any way for me to find out she replied?

The story appears in her feed marked as already Read. It doesn’t appear in my Interactions, and I don’t get an email with her reply.

Ideally any stories she shared would be Unread to start, especially if she adds a comment to them.

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You should see an indication in the top left of the web app. The Interactions dialog shows the reply.

“High School Principal Cancels Entire Reading Program To Stop Students From Reading Cory Doctorow’s ‘Little Brother’” Is an example. lyriendel reshared the article, adding a comment of her own.

Her re-share didn’t appear in my Interactions list at the top left of the web app, unlike past re-shares such as “wreichard re-shared The Return of the Measles”. Sounds like it should have?

It depends on how they found the story. If they found the story through your blurblog, you get the credit. Additionally, if they share it from somebody who shared it from you, you still get the credit. But if they went directly to the blog and shared it, it acts as their own share.

In this case, credit = interaction notice.

Right, everything described above was her sharing stories directly from my blurblog.

Just to double-check, I sat next to her just now while she did the following. In the Android app, lyriendel clicked on the ‘mokelly’ blurblog and shared two stories from there: “Those new service sector jobs: human props to sell real estate” and “Which major language has the lowest percentage of borrowing?”, the first with a comment “Test comment”.

Neither of those shares appear in my Interactions list at the top left of the web app, though it sounds like you expect they should have.

It’s totally possible that the Android app doesn’t follow this convention. It should, but there are some conditions where it neglects to give credit.

Added a github ticket to get it fixed:…

Thanks! Yup, we just confirmed that it works as expected on the website.