No feeds or folders work - New this morning

Whenever I go into the regular NewsBlur website and select a feed or folder it acts as if it fetches the story but the entire story pane is blank (image attached). This happens on any and all feeds.

Additionally, works perfectly fine for me (additional image attached).

This is brand new this morning. Is this like the android app where I wake up and it stops working?

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So I have a second account set up due to various issues I’ve had on again off again for a year or so and it looks like that account (farmjope2) works perfectly fine on both versions.

It’s only may main account with all my shares and friends and everything that I have issues on the normal regular site.

Can you please fix my account? I’m a paying customer.

Also, I had some of my friends test both their regular versions of NewsBlur and the Dev versions and they are not having any issues whatsoever so it is definitely my account.

The android app works fine right now, too.

Oh, it’s because you tried the dev server in the Full view. Just click on the Split view.

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That did the trick, thank you for the quick response!