No access to


Again there is no access to the site

Diagnostics gave the following response:
“resource ( ) is available on the network, but does not respond to connection attempts.
The remote computer does not respond to connections via port 443; the probable reason is security policy settings or firewall, or the computer may be temporarily unavailable. Problems related to the operation of the firewall on this computer were not detected.
Contact the service provider or the owner of the remote system for help or try again later.”

The provider said that it does not block access to the site

If you connect via VPN, then everything works.

Help please.

The strangest thing is that sometimes access appears for a while, and then disappears again.

So no one will help me?
Did I pay the money for nothing?

Weird, I never encountered this. Maybe your ISP is blocking access to newsblur?

I think I am being banned by the automatic system of the site for some suspicious traffic.
When I go to the site: PC - router -, I am banned.
If I go to the site: smartphone - router -, then everything works.

So suspicious traffic is coming from the PC

Everything works from any devices on the network except the PC.

Dear developer, please respond to my problem.

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