Next Unread Unexpected Skipping.

Web Interface using Safari latest 10.7 release. Under the “All Site Stories”

I read by just hitting “next unread” and sequentially going through all stories. I didn’t notice it before, but today I’ve seen this happen twice. New stories come in, click on “All Site Stories”. Hit Next Unread. Start Reading. I can’t figure out the pattern yet, but after a few next unread it skips ~ 10 stories and leaves them unread and continues to the end, you can manually click the unread ones and they are there, but for some reason ‘next unread’ skips them.

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Oh boy, this sounds really, really hard to reproduce. Next time it happens, can you check the console to see if anything odd is happening? Otherwise, I’ll just have to keep my eyes open for this behavior.

This has been happening to me on the Android app. When I hit next it skips many unread stories.