Next unread bug

When I’m in global shared stories and click on next unread, I’m taken back to All Site Stories, rather than being shown the next unread in global shared stories.

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Try on Working fine there.

Not for me. If I hit the down arrow, I get the next story in Global shared. If I click on Next Unread, I get the next unread story in All Site Stories.

Note that if I click on a particular feed in my list, and then click on the Next Unread button, I get the next story in that feed. If all the stories are read, it moves on to the next feed. That’s perfect. I would expect Global Shared Stories to work like an individual feed, not skipping to All Site Stories until the global stories are exhausted.

By the way, I like the look and feel of the development site.

So Global Shared is not a standard feed that you can subscribe to. The reason is that’s is ridiculously resource intensive (hence why it takes a while to load). Because of that, it can’t be tracked with unread counts. So the Next unread button only looks for visible unread stories. If none are found, it doesn’t load further pages but instead jumps down. That’s just the way it’s gotta be.