Newsletters in Newsblur

This is marvelous, thank you so much.

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Yeah, it is a very nice feature. I’m also glad I had it in beta test for a couple months. We could smooth out the kinks and get it working across all three platforms: web, iOS, and android.

Very cool. My biggest concern, though, is privacy. Many newsletters are packed with tracking features, which is one of the reasons I have images disabled in my mail client. As I recall, GMail takes some steps to anonymize these images; does Newsblur do anything like that?

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IT’S AWESOME. Quick nitpick, the welcome email: 

Training evne works on newsletters, so you can hide the newsletters you don’t want to read while highlighting the ones you do.

Should be “even works on…”

Also: How do I get on the beta list?! :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks so much for catching that! Fixed.