Newsletters are no longer visible after deleting folder

I moved a number of newsletter “feeds” to a “D) Newsletter” folder (and didn’t keep them in the Newsletters folder).

I have somehow managed to delete the “D) Newsletter” folder (user error on the iPad app is my guess, but I didn’t notice at the time). I tried to recreate it but it was empty.

The newsletters are being forwarded by Gmail (I see SMTP delivery to to the correct NewsBlur email address).

The forwarded newsletters don’t appear anywhere in NewsBlur.

How can I fix this?

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Hey, I bet what happened is that when you deleted the folder it didn’t delete the feed, but you’re no longer subscribed to it. That should be handled but t may not be. What’s your username and what’s the newsletter title?

Yes, that could well be right. Username is traggett. Newsletter titles include Think Tank by Ben Bajarin (, Axios AM (, CB insights (

Ok so I just checked and naturally the system is already doing this. So if you’re still receiving these emails, they should be created as new newsletter feeds.

Can you check if you’re still subscribed to them? On the web, hit ‘g’ and enter the name of the newsletter.

Hi, finally checked.

I can’t see the newsletter feeds in the “g” view and they don’t appear anywhere in my list of subscriptions.

Looks like they are all gone. I’ve tried forwarding a new newsletter to see if there is something at the Gmail end.

Just seen them all turn up in all stories on iPad / All site stories on web. Sorted. Not sure if that is time or your kind intervention. Thanks either way.

It’s probably due to a fallback task that I have run regularly that cleans up accounts and de-orphans feeds.

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Yes, that will be it. So both time and intervention. Many thanks.