Newsletter functionality on self-hosted NewsBlur


Hi! I have installed docker based NewsBlur and now want to use newsletter feature. How do I enable NewsBlur to receive emails I will forward to the forwarding email address? Is this feature available to self hosted instance at all?


Self-hosting documentation

It sure is! You need to go to and setup a forwarder there. It’s not trivial but it’s not too hard. Ask me any questions you might have in the process, I’m happy to help!

Your self-hosted instance does need to be reachable from the internet though, cause Mailgun needs to hit your server’s newsletter URLs (which can be found in apps/newsletters/


Hi Samuel,

Thanks for prompt reply! I will give it a try it leave feedback in this thread in any case.


Hi Samuel,

I think there is a small problem with this feature on self-hosted instances: “” part of the recipient email is hardcoded in newsletters django app. Is there a way to configure this without modifying source code?



I have patched file from newsletters app and it worked fine. There is one more place where this subdomain name is hard-coded: in javascript code which opens modal box with newsletters instruction.

Very cool feature :slight_smile: thanks a lot for such a great application!