Newsletter Feature, Gmail and emails sent VIA

I’m trying to put together a complex-to-me script to forward emails from Gmail that are sent VIA a third-party email service to Newsblur and something that’s tripping me up is trying to figure out how to pass on the From field so that the newsletters don’t all get categorized as being labeled with my email address as the sender since my email address is forwarding the email. Seems like more and more newsletters are using these VIA services so this is a growing pain/need.

I’d like to be able to keep the newsletters stacked together. I don’t understand how the regular forwarded emails get sorted the way they do, but the ones that are forwarded from the via addresses don’t. I’m guessing it’s data in the headers?

There’s a couple scripts out there but they’re just general forwarding scripts, they don’t resolve my particular use-case-scenario of trying to keep newsletters out of my personal inbox and in Newsblur which feeds into Reeder.

This is just what I’m dealing with now, but I have other newsletters that are from different people but from the same organization that arrive in different stacks/bundles. I wish I could keep them together.

This is actually the main way I’m using this service right now. Services like don’t make sense to me in how all the emails are in one massive email, that seems so counterproductive if one wants to act on some of the emails in the massive email. I would love it if the newsletter feature and organization of stacks bundles were made easier.

AFAIK Newsblur is the best way I know of to scan and read through email newsletters/rss feeds in a somewhat organized fashion. I love being able to choose what I want to or don’t want to read being able to see all feeds within a folder or just one newsletter or feed within a folder. Would love to see improvements in this area though.

i’m not sure what you’re scripting in, with what email client, but you want to redirect instead of forward.

I do this with Gmail and have no problems with it coming in identified as the original sender. Setup like shown here.

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Scripting in Google Script, email client is Gmail Web App. I don’t want to rely on anything outside of the cloud for the desired functionality.

Yes, that is the feature I’ve been talking about. I don’t get the impression you read my original post.

Hmm, I did some basic searches and everything for Gmail was coming up forward, not redirect. Checked Google Script documentation and didn’t see any mention in there either. These are the scripts that I’m attempting to adjust to my needs. This is my currently working imperfect script as is.

I did read your post. I think what is tripping me up (and possibly Steanne, too) is why you are using scripts. If you are already using the Gmail Web App, you don’t need anything else to have the emails forwarded to Newsblur and seen as who really sent them.