Newsblur won't add certain feeds

Whether I try to add a feed manually or use the RSS Icon in Awesome Bar extension for Firefox, I have several feeds that just won’t add. I enter the site, Newsblur does its thing but they never show up. I know there are feeds there because usually, they’re comments from a Typepad site and those comments are today’s, or the post is today’s so it’s not like I’m trying to add something that is weeks old.

This is not great behavior for a program I’m paying for and because I’m subscribing, I also know I haven’t hit my feed limit.

Someone needs to tell me how to fix this or needs to fix it on your end.

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Can you give a link to some of the problematic feeds?


either atom or RSS, neither works for any comments, not just this one (this one is powered by Wordpress)

There are a few others, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head right now. It’s been an ongoing problem though. Sometimes I can figure out how to add, sometimes, nothing I do adds any URL I put in, no matter how it’s formatted.

I just added… very easily , and also , so I am not sure what the problems is for you. It surely isn’t the system or the links. What Newsblur picks up is that the second feed is is does pick up when you put the root URL in as you had it. So, what happened with you is in reality a non problem as far as the system and the links are concerned … which defaults to your problems discerning how to add feeds …

Adding feeds …,. click on the + sign at the lower left of the home screeen (2) choose folder to add the link to, or create a new folder and choose that folder. (3) Paste the URL under where it says “Add Site” … and then click the green button 'Add Site" …

“which defaults to your problems discerning how to add feeds”

Seriously?? How dare you take such a condescending attitude concerning what I do or do not know about how to add feeds! I KNOW how to add them, both manually and through either the site’s feed or with the Awesome Bar extension. I’ve added many, so since you’re not part of the solution and only want to assume I’m stupid, please stay out of the problem.

It was a perfectly logical and well thought out response … in an attempt to assist you in resolving the problem … your defensive response and emotional misinterpretation of what I wrote simply indicates that other issues still remain that are not resolved. I simply pointed out that I had no problem with adding the links you indicated … so it would appear that the problem may be something concerned with your system over there. If you don’t wish assistance, don’t ask for it.

No, it really wasn’t perfectly logical nor was it a well thought out response. I looked at responses you’ve given other members. They’re all condescending. Rather than asking questions, you assume I (and they) am/are stupid and have no clue how to add a feed, thus your comment on “your problems discerning how to add feeds.”

You have no desire to assist in resolving anyone’s problems. You want to seem superior, and instead, come across looking like the condescending person you are. So like I said, since you’re not part of the solution at all, stay out of the problem and let someone from Newsblur help me.

Perhaps the ‘Awesome Bar’ for Firefox is the problem. Try disabling that and see if things work properly. It would not appear that anyone else wishes to assist you.

Since my original post hasn’t been up 24 hours, I’ll take my chances. The Awesome Bar isn’t the problem.