Newsblur web based behaves differently than Newsblur Android for a particular feed

The feed of Feed behaves differently on the Newsblur Android app vs the web based version of Newsblur.

In the Chrome browser running Newsblur showing the feed of Feed selecting a story entry launches that story in a separate browser tab, BUT ALSO changes the current URL from Newsblur to the same news story that just launched when clicked on…the reader ends up with two tabs in Chrome showing the same story in both a new tab and the tab previously running Newsblur

In the Android Newsblur app, launching a news item from the feed of Feed doesn’t launch the news story clicked on…it launches the news story that is one story next in line to be read. Going back to the Android Newsblur app and forcing the selection of “View Original” does launch the correct story.

For Feed behavior is “weird” in Newsblur, double launching stories in the web version, launching the wrong stories…one place offset…in the Android version.

Can you share with me if this is a flaw in the web and Android versions of Newsblur, or a flaw in the RSS Feed XML mentioned in my post above? If it is a flaw in the RSS feed XML mentioned in my post, I will contact the feed owners, and ask for them to correct it…if you share with me what they are doing that causes the “bad” behavior please.

The feed of resolves properly in a different RSS reader…when launching an article, it doesn’t effectively launch it twice. I would ask you test this behavior to see it for yourself, as it would appear Newsblur’s code needs to be tweaked to prevent the double launch of a story in a Windows based Chrome browser, and the problems the Newsblur Android app has resolving the proper story instead of one “offset” on the list shown (in Android).