newsblur timewarp

Newsblur showing me a small selection of very old stories… when I log in on any machine I’m getting a small bunch of stories from months ago. Logging out and in again makes no difference, same across multiple computers. how do I teleport Newsblur back into the present, please?


Did you switch to Oldest First? Can you post a full browser screenshot so I can diagnose?

No it’s just a few old stories -  see screenshots. The Matt Cutts story in the second one is typical and it reappears every time as if I never read it…

I thought it might be machine specific (lots of unrelated problems yesterday) but its the same everywhere…

Update: android app still works. So just website not working - across multiple machines and browsers… weird

Oh, you’re in saved story mode! Those are only stories you’ve saved. Switch at the bottom of the feed list.

Duh! Thanks