NewsBlur through Feeddler...?

Any chance of making NewsBlur available through Feeddler? Feeddler offers a great iPad interface. Combined with NewsBlur, this could be an unbeatable combination.


I’ve got the same question for Mr. Reader … or just in general.
According to Oliver (the dev of Mr. Reader) there are some issues that prevent integrating a number of platforms.

Actually NewsBlur offers a great iPad app: If a third-party client wants to they can use the NewsBlur API:

Great app – well, not in the present state.
But thanks for confirming my impression of your closed strategy.

I meant “closed” really in the business sense, not regarding anything social or mental.
I consider NB interesting just because it offers something else than a service more or less directly mimicking Google Reader. It made me think about splitting up news from long-term feeds and comics.
And a big plus compared to some players is that you offer an OPML export.

It would be interesting to find out what percentage of your users has selected NewsBlur because of the social and training features and what percentage just likes NewsBlur because it is an excellent reader. I for one do not use social and training, but I really like NewsBlur (well, the web interface, not so much the iOS client, which doesn’t work for me), primarily because it seems to fetch my feeds more frequently than other readers.

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I like the iOS app on my iPod Touch. However, if possible, an OSX Desktop App would be nice. I just bought ReadKit since if bundles several reading sources such as Pocket, Instapaper, Pinboard and Newsblur, and because it scrolls through stories faster and smoother than my browser. However, using your custom services would be nice too.

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Yeah, you’re right.

It took me just a few days to realize that a dual strategy (NewsBlur + a more ‘traditional’ service) is more reasonable for my needs/cravings. After all, RSS constitutes most of the media mix for me.

I may have solved half of my dilemma about browser vs. dedicated App. I used Fluid ( to make NewsBlur into a dedicated App. Pages scroll very fast and smooth now.

Since I can use RSS to see my Pocket, InstaPaper and PinBoard storage, that too is semi-solved. I say semi-solved because these entries show the header only.

I’d also like to be able to save to Pocket. Anyway, NewsBlur is already better than Google Reader or any competition I’ve found so far. Thanks!

The NewsBlur iPad app uses the NewsBlur API, just as any third-party client can if they want to. But you need to remember that NewsBlur has a number of features that no other news reader has (social and training, for instance), and so no third-party dev is going to invest the time to hit those features. That’s why I invest so heavily in making the best iOS client for NewsBlur.