Newsblur Slack Community?

Has there been any thought of adding a Slack or Discord community into the mix for general Q & A and product announcements for Newsblur?

I really like the goal of this idea, which is to combine q&a and product announcements with feedback. I feel like the current dashboard does a nice job balancing the two. However, considering what you’re looking for, I think the product announcements could use a link back to this forum so people would have a single place to talk about that feature. That would consolidate feedback and help make it public without the burden of real-time communication that Slack demands.

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Slacks tend to be noisy, with a ton of off-topic conversation. If it’s just general Q&A and announcements, I think the forums suffice, personally. I certainly wouldn’t join, at least.

I do like that idea with just looping back the product announcements to a post, and agree less mess and burden.