NewsBlur resets feed to incorrect URL

NewsBlur insists on resetting one of my feeds to an URL that’s known not to work. Yahoo’s Entertainment feed was imported from my OPML file with this feed URL:

That, however, resulted in a feed error. Checking my original subscription I found that the feed needs to be specified with an extra “rss”:

Editing the URL in this fashion in the NewsBlur field “Option 2: Change RSS Feed Address” did work and fetched new items.

However, it didn’t stick! Next time I started up NewsBlur this feed was back to the old URL which once again didn’t work. I verified that even immediately after fixing the URL, the “Site Settings” dialog showed the old incorrect one.

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it’s the same problem here:…

Indeed it is, thanks for the link. It didn’t show up in Get Satisfaction’s automatic recommendations, so I started a new topic. Sorry for the duplicate.