Newsblur prunes to 100 articles per update for a popular feed

Hi. I am subscribed to which publishes new items once at a day at a particular time. Sometimes there are more than 100 new items at a time, sometimes less. I just noticed that when greater than 100 are published newsblur silently prunes them down to exactly 100 new items. As far as I can tell the pruned items are lost completely and never shown to me and there is no indication to the user that items have been ignored.

This feed currently has 57 subscribers. I saw a post from 7 years ago which seemed to indicate that this pruning might happen for feeds with 1 subscriber. Is the current behavior correct?

I am using a free account. If I upgrade to premium will newsblur show me all the new items each day (or at least increase the cap)? I would gladly sign up if this were possible.

Please let me know. Thanks!

Yes, the cap increases for premium users. I have added a dialog to the Statistics modal that shows how much more often it is fetched when you upgrade, but I should also add how many more stories are stored.

Here’s the relevant code:

Thanks! That would be helpful – and also encourage people to upgrade. I would have had no idea about the story_cutoff otherwise.