NewsBlur Premium Archive subscription keeps all of your stories searchable, shareable, and unread forever

For $99/year every story from every site you subscribe to will stay in NewsBlur’s archive. This new premium tier also allows you to mark any story as unread as well as choose when stories are automatically marked as read. You can now have full control of your story archive, letting you search, share, and read stories forever without having to worry about them being deleted.

The NewsBlur Premium Archive subscription offers you the following:

  • Everything in the premium subscription, of course
  • Choose when stories are automatically marked as read
  • Every story from every site is archived and searchable forever
  • Feeds that support paging are back-filled in for a complete archive
  • Export trained stories from folders as RSS feeds
  • Stories can stay unread forever

You can now enjoy a new preference for exactly when stories are marked as read:

A technical note about the backfilling of your archive:

NewsBlur uses two techniques to retrieve older stories that are no longer in the RSS feed. The first strategy is to append `?page=2` and `?paged=2` to the RSS feed and seeing if we're about to blindly iterate through the blog's archive. For WordPress and a few other CMSs, this works great and gives us a full archive.

A second technique is to use RFC 5005, which supports links embedded inside the RSS feed to denote next and previous pages of an archive.

NewsBlur attempts all of these techniques on every single feed you’ve subscribed to, and when it’s done backfilling stories, you’ll receive an email showing you how big your archive grew during this backfill process.

The launch of the new Premium Archive subscription tier also contains the 2022 redesign, which includes a new dashboard layout, a refreshed design for story titles and feed title, and all new icons.

Here’s a screenshot that’s only possible with the new premium archive, complete with backfilled blog post from the year 2000, ready to be marked as unread.

How’s that for an archive?

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I think I’ve upgraded to a premium archive account already; at least, I now have the option to change when stories are automatically marked as read. But, the account page doesn’t seem to be updated correctly (nor does it seem to have calculated the pro-rating on my premium renewal from last month).

But obviously I’m very excited to get the new archive feature!

Yeah, there’s a lingering issue with paypal that I’m currently diagnosing and trying to fix. It might take a couple days to fix, but eventually the paypal upgrades will show up. Did you get the archive upgrade email? I’ve noticed that’s gone out while the account has yet to be upgraded, which is odd.

Yep, I did indeed get the “archive backfill is complete” email.

All premium archive accounts that used paypal are now live and you should see it reflected under Manage > Account.

I don’t get good results when searching my feeds since this feature was introduced.

Previously I could search on both the Web App and Android App and get decent results from my feeds and it was very useful. Since the Archive was introduced, I get no results when searching on Android and perhaps only a few results on the Web App but usually no results there, either.

Maybe I’m searching wrong; is there a specific new interface to access the Archive? I’m using the same search box that has always existed.

I can clear the search indexes for your account. Go on the web and search for something and you should see a progress bar as your account reindexes all of its feeds.

Thanks! I don’t see a progress bar but two quick searches showed good results that got better on the second search as the index builds.