Newsblur page does not load completely

When going to on Windows PC at work, the website does not open completely. I can see the middle column with welcome message, site count, “What’s New” section, but not the list of feeds.

The middle column is shown almost immediately after login, the browsers show that the rest of the page is still loading but it never does.
This happens with all browsers. The Android app on the same network works fine.

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What browser is this? I tried in Edge and everything loads fine. I bet what’s going on is an ad blocker or other browser extension is causing the issue. Try turning them off and seeing it works.

I have tried Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer. Some of these have no extensions at all, all behave the same.

That’s an odd one! How about the developer console in any of those browsers. Any errors? I’m at a loss. Are you behind a proxy that’s preventing JS from loading? That would do it.