NewsBlur on the web + plus grid-view = amazeballs!

Until two months ago my interface to NewsBlur was through the iOS app. Now that I’m once again rocking a laptop I’ve moved back to primarily using the web version. I was pleasantly surprised at the flexible, rich, formatting options, and grid view is incredibly useful for parsing a plethora of stories efficiently. In fact, grid view is fast becoming the default view of choice for me. All the aforementioned goodies probably don’t get the spotlight they deserve because the social elements continue to be a damned compelling and highly sticky feature of NewsBlur- I don’t care for receiving email unless it is an activity notification from NewsBlur, that speaks volumes about your service and the NewsBlur community. My interactions on NewsBlur are what I find sorely lacking elsewhere online- discussion presented without the usual malaise one expects from such online exchanges. I can think of several times I’ve commented on a story and the  discussion that ensued resulted in me changing my opinon. This is but one reason why I continue to support NewsBlur, thank you again and keep up the great work!

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I would love to add the Grid view to the iOS app. It’s in the cards for an upcoming version, although I don’t think I’ll be able to ship it in the upcoming version.

Glad to hear that the social features are making it worthwhile. Notes like this make developing NewsBlur all the more worthwhile for me. Thank you for writing this.