Newsblur not working anymore?

A number of sites I have frequented for years don’t seem to work anymore.  Over the last month I’ve had to start going to the actual sites to read my news. I’ve tried to reset the sites, etc - but still having lots of problems.  Is Newsblur having high-level problems?  I really like Newsblur, but this is starting to get frustrating.  Some of the sites I’ve been having trouble with are zerohedge and drudgereport

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Bit of an alarmist title for two non-working sites, but it looks like Zerohedge changed their URL, so I fixed that in NewsBlur:

And Drudge Report doesn’t have a feed, but there’s a few sites that scrape it and create a feed. What’s the URL you’re using?

Thanks.  My response was somewhat out of frustration since these are the two primary sites . They seem to work on and off, so I’ve been having to check the actual websites.  As a testament to the product, it’s very frustrating once you get used to Newsblur working so well (like it has for many years).

Do I need to do anything to get ZeroHedge to work? It still isn’t brinign in all the stories.

I’m currently trying both of the following for drudge.  Up until a few months ago, it was working really well.

This is what the second Drudge Report feed looks like. Looks like the stories are all there. Are you by any chance in Focus mode? Switch between Unread/Focus on the bottom of the feed list.

I’m not in focus mode. 

I’ve been experimenting some more and think I found something.  I have my sites set  so that I only see “unread” articles.  This morning I noticed that I wasn’t seeing stories from ZeroHedge or Drudge again (it was working fine last night and early this morning).  I went in and changed my settings from “undread” to all.  When doing this I saw a bunch of stories that were marked as read, but I actually haven’t seen them! So, it seems like the problem is that stories are getting automatically marked as “read” somehow.

I’ve been watching this closely now and can confirm that the articles are showing up, but somehow they are being marked as “read” without me actually opening/reading them.  Not sure what’s causing this.

What’s your username?

How can I send it to you privately? It’s my email - I don’t want to share on a public message board.

Actually, I realize now I have a username - not just email.  Username is jim1318. I have a paid premium account.

I checked your account and it looks like stories are coming in as unread and you are able to read them OK now. Glad it all works now.

Thanks.  Did you find something wrong, or does it just look like it’s working now?  The problem is sporadic.  Things seem to work on the weekend and early morning/evening, but not during the work day.  Maybe it has to do with me accessing newsblur from my office computer?

It just looks like it’s working now. If the problem is sporadic then your guess is as good as mine. The only thing that I know of that can cause stories to come in as read is if there’s a future-dated story in the feed and that’s throwing off the mark-as-read date, which could easily be it. But you would see a future-dated story. Is it possible you have stories filtered out with training?

You can right-click a feed and open the trainer to see if you have a red thumbs-down category. Try disabling that if you do and see if there’s a future-dated story. I add some code maybe 6-9 months ago that enforces story dating to be no later than the current date, but for years feeds were free to place stories 100 years into the future if they so choose, and some of them inexplicably did.

Ok.  It did seem like it was working over the weekend.  However, I’m having trouble again this morning.  All the Drudgereport stories are automatically being marked read.  I checked and don’t have any reds thumbs down.

Now that I’m tracking this more closely, it seems like the problems occur during the workweek mid day - when I’m using my office computer.  Could that have something to do with it?  While at the office I use a VPN (incase that matters).

Hi Samuel.  I’ve noticed this is happening again. This afternoon all the stories on ZeroHedge were being automatically marked as read for me.

Any word on this.  I’m still experiencing this probem