Newsblur not work in browser

I have two days newsblur not work in browser. Available channels, I see a list of them, but I can not click on them ((((

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What browser and OS?  Do you use ad blockers or privacy extensions? 

browser chrom, OS Windows 7. Dont use  blockers and privacy extensions

I’m using chrome beta (one ahead of stable release) on windows 7 so I know your version should work.  Do you have any extensions installed?  Do you have javascript turned on?

Nothing installed. today began to open subscription, but very crooked and long waits. and two days ago, did not open ((

Maybe a corrupted cached file, try Ctrl+F5, or clear cache/temp files ( “Empty Cache”)

I did not do anything, do not adjust, but now everything works well. thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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