Newsblur not updating TechPowerUp feed

NewsBlur isn’t auto-updating the TechPowerUp feed. The feed URL is below…

I don’t know what to be about it but I believe the publisher should be able to change something on their end. I emailed them:

Hi, I run NewsBlur, an RSS news reader, and one of my users let me know that your RSS feed is giving us a 403 Forbidden when we fetch it. It’s likely you’re using CloudFlare, and I believe that there might be something you can do to enable Verified Bots. I’ve contacted a few other sites about this and have not heard back, so it would be wonderful if you could help me out and look into why NewsBlur’s feed fetchers are being blocked. You would not only help your readers read your site, but you would help other people read other sites, and that would be a HUGE help!

Here is a list of IPs that we use to fetch feeds:

I believe there might be a setting in your CloudFlare setup, maybe something around Verified Bots or Automated Services. I don’t know since I don’t run a publishing website, but I would be grateful if you could poke around in there and get back to me. Thanks so much!


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Thanks for the heads up. This should be fixed now. /rss/* has been excluded from the bot detection

Samuel, can you confirm that this is fixed?