NewsBlur new iPhone client (7.0) has issues on read states

NewsBlur new iPhone client (7.0) has issues on read states. When I read an article and hit next button, all articles are marked to be read on the feed.

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I had the same issue…

I also find on iPhone and iPad on v7 that once an item is read, it’s not possible to mark unread. The action appears to work, no error and unread marker is back, but story is still marked read when revisiting feed or folder.

There is no “marked unread” or “saved” overlay any more when performing those action, although save does at least work.

It’s definitely possible I broke the overlays. I had to refactor a ton of things to get this release out, it was epic. So if an overlay isn’t showing that you expect it to, please take a screenshot and post it here. I’ll get it fixed.

As for the read states, part of what’s happening is that I turned on the ‘mark-read-on-scroll’ preference for everybody. Make sure you turn that off if you are having issues with the read state. It seems to me that you’re reading in an order that isn’t the intended order (newest or oldest first doesn’t matter, but it has to be top down). 

Yup, turning off ‘mark read on scroll’ seems to have fixed being able to mark stories unread (you’re correct about the scenario, I was marking something unread so that it would still be there when I came back later to the same feed)

Not really anything I can screenshot with the overlays, as they’re simply not there. If I swipe left to mark unread, or right to save, there was previously a black overlay with icon & text to show a loading icon which then changed to confirm that the action was successful.

I need thos escreenshots to see the exact setup. Also things like ipad vs iphone, and which ipad view you have setup (stories on left vs bottom).