Newsblur messes up if <z in article title

I am subscribed to a feed from arxiv ( Every so often an article is posted with a title that includes an inequality with the letter z, e.g. “7<z<9”. For example this article:, whose entry I paste below.

In Newsblur in the browser and on the iphone the title is cut off starting with the “<z”. In the browser, the body text of the article becomes a giant link.

Example problem article:

The rss entry for the problem article is:

<item rdf:about="">


Interpreting the Spitzer/IRAC Colours of 7<z<9 Galaxies: Distinguishing Between Line Emission and Starlight Using ALMA. (arXiv:2002.02968v1 [astro-ph.GA])



<description rdf:parseType="Literal">

<p>Prior to the launch of JWST, Spitzer/IRAC photometry offers the only means of studying the rest-frame optical properties of z&gt;7 galaxies. Many such high redshift galaxies display a red [3.6] - [4.5] micron colour, often referred to as the "IRAC excess", which has conventionally been interpreted as arising from intense [OIII]+Hbeta emission within the [4.5] micron bandpass. An appealing aspect of this interpretation is similarly intense line emission seen in star-forming galaxies at lower redshift as well as the redshift-dependent behaviour of the IRAC colours beyond z~7 modelled as the various nebular lines move through the two bandpasses. In this paper we demonstrate that, given the photometric uncertainties, established stellar populations with Balmer (4000 A, rest-frame) breaks, such as those inferred at z&gt;9 where line emission does not contaminate the IRAC bands, can equally well explain the redshift-dependent behaviour of the IRAC colours in 7&lt;z&lt;9 galaxies. We discuss possible ways of distinguishing between the two hypotheses using ALMA measures of [OIII] 88 micron and dust continuum fluxes. Prior to further studies with JWST, we show that the distinction is important in determining the assembly history of galaxies in the first 500 Myr. </p>



<a href="">Guido Roberts-Borsani</a>, <a href="">Richard S. Ellis</a>, <a href="">Nicolas Laporte</a>



(For contrast a normal article looks like this in the browser)

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that there’s no spacing in there because NewsBlur sees that and assumes it’s an HTML tag and takes it out. This is the web, so the publisher should know that titles like that are hard to parse correctly.

I noticed it happened even in the support thread title here, and that’s coming in from a different system. So it’s unlikely to ever be fixed as it’s so close to expected behavior.