NewsBlur Logging Me Out Continually

Since yesterday afternoon, every time I reload either the NewsBlur website or iPhone app, I’m forced to login again. While it’s a burden, it’s something I’m ok with. I just want to ask if this is expected or if something changed, because it literally started yesterday. Before that I’ve logged in maybe two or three times (over two years) per device/browser total. I’ve had to login with the same browser at least 5 times in 18 hours now.

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Something broke when I upgraded all of NewsBlur’s backend dependencies a couple weeks ago. It’s hard to pin this one down, I have to see it in action. I’ve been working on doing that, but in the mean time, try logging in and then immediately explicitly logging out and then back in. Let me know if that fixes it entirely (and esp. if it doesn’t).

Will do!

I’ve had the same thing on Android, just FYI. Will also try instructions.

I’ve noticed it loses (or resets) all preferences too. Story order, read filter, etc

It just happened to me again on the web version. I did like you asked, logged out and back in after. I’ll respond if it happens again.

Well that didn’t take long. It logged me out again within 5 minutes.

Edit: And again an hour after that.

It’s done it again on iOS too now, and at least ten more times on the web FYI.

This seems to only be effecting a limited number of users, which unfortunately doesn’t include me, so I’m at a loss to figure out why this is happening. Somewhere your cookie is being reset and I cannot figure out why.