Newsblur is down: 502

I just moved in yesterday, and to my surprise newsblur is down this morning with no information about what happened.

How often is newsblur down? I guess if I’m going to use it at all, I will need to setup regular automated OPML exports somehow…

This is the first time I can recall it going down in three or four years of subscribing. I’m sure that Sam will be on it soon.


Again, like Jamie said, I’ve been using NB for 5 years and I honestly can’t recall the last time it was down.


Agreed, outages are not common.


That’s good to hear, as I’m already quite a fan of newsblur and even wrote a stylesheet last night [1] to improve the reading experience.

It is a problem though to suddenly be without it for hours, so when it comes up I will see if I can regularly pull an OPML export by the API or something like that so at least I can drop an opml into another reader

[1]: github com/replete/newsblur-replete-theme

progress has been made: the site is back up, though i have nothing showing unread (yet). …so someone is on the task.

Excellent, look forward to hearing about what happened!

I ran NewsBlur locally earlier, and it was a beast of a stack.

Seems to be back according to twitter.

Sorry about the downtime folks! I went to bed and two mongo servers crashed simultaneously. If only one had crashed then we would be fine. And I just moved to a cabin in the woods yesterday, so I changed my cell phone provider from Verizon to AT&T. So when my two monitoring services texted me, it didn’t reach me for some reason. Of course I’ll be investigating why that happened, but this is a rare occurrence and should now be fixed.