Newsblur (iOs) "hangs" when new news items are retrieved while watching one subscription.

I enter one particular subscription and it has, say, 10 news items. When I am running through and reading these news items I press “Next” to get the next item. When I am on he last item, this button changes to “Done”. Now, when I press the “Done”-button, the “loading symbol” appears and stay “forever” with nothing happenng. I have noticed that this happens when new news items has been retrieved for this subscription since I started reading them.


Correction to my description of the problem: I said the button changes to “Done” when last item is selected. This is wrong as it seems like the button doesn’t change, it is still “Next” when last item is selected and when I press the button, NewsBlur hangs. Normally, the button would change to “Done” when on the last item, but this obviously doesn’t happen when further items have been retrieved “behond the scenes”.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing this problem for weeks, although NewsBlur isn’t actually hanging, you can continue to navigate in the app. This is actually the more common behavior for me — the “correct” behavior of showing “DONE” very seldom happens.

It seems to get the confused about unread counts, so it thinks it still has one more unread article to look for, and keeps on retrieving older articles, but there isn’t actually one there. I’ve seen the Web site do something similar, though not recently.

One reason you may not see people complaining about this is that many people always leave unread items around. For completionists like me who always “bounce off 0” unread articles it’s a bigger deal.

Given the NewsBlur iOS app is getting substantially modified for offline reading right now I was just planning on waiting and seeing if this was fixed then…

Yes, you’re right about the app isn’t actually hanging, you can move away and continue using it. It’s good if the app is being worked on and hopefully this will resolve the issue.

This behavior is fixed in the next version, which doesn’t use a naive unread counter anymore that can get off track. The problem is when you load the feed list, there is a second asynchronous call to correct the unread counts. Pull to refresh performs both of these actions at once, so if you want to see it, kill the app and open it back up. You’ll see the unread counts “fix” after a second or two after the feeds load. But that delay is causing the Done button to show up at the wrong story. The new version fixes that by using a different data structure for keeping unread counts (so that they can be used offline).