Newsblur iOS doesn't show all photos in an article.

Newsblur iOS doesn’t show all photos in an article. Sometimes they show in the beginning of article and then longer down they just show up as placeholders.

As an example :…


Most likely it’s a mixed content mode (make sure you’re on http and not https, or turn off mixed content mode warnings for, or their server just isn’t serving the images. See if the developer console will tell you what’s up with the images.

Hi Samuel,

I’m always on http. Problem is in iOS app. In this article:…

On web I see all pictures but on iOS after picture 5 it is placeholders

update: when using you see the whole post. In the webbrowser you also see the whole post but the does not show the whole post.
(hope this clarifies the issue)

I have this same problem. Many sites like Vox show a thumbnail in the river stream but when I read the article none show up till I open in safari. In the web browser version it doesn’t all the images of Vox but I assume that’s what they limit it to on the RSS feed.