NewsBlur iOS app empty after update to 12.0.1 on iOS 16.1.1

Environment details and recent changes:
I use my NewBlur iPhone app daily and it’s a solid app. One of my favorite and most used apps actually. This morning I updated my iPhone iOS and also updated my NewsBlur app and now my feeds won’t load. I’m not sure which version I was on before, but here are my current details:
iPhone app version 12.0.1
iOS 16.1.1

Expected behavior:
I open NewsBlur iOS app and enjoy catching up on my feeds.

What I’ve experienced instead:
After I updated my NewsBlur app version, I just see a blank screen in the main body of the app. No feeds, no stories. Just the search bar at top of screen and the add feed (plus sign icon) and settings (gear icon) buttons on bottom of screen. Clicking any of these three elements doesn’t do anything though.

What I’ve attempted in troubleshooting:
I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, after reinstalling I get prompted for username and password, which I supply, I then see a “on it’s way” message progress wheel for a couple minutes, but eventually it stops and I’m back to a blank screen with no feeds.

I confirmed I still have all my feeds when logging in to my account in a Chrome browser instead of through the iOS app, so I don’t think the issue is with my account.

Please help?

I’ve never seen that before! We have an update about to go through review, v12.0.3. But it doesn’t have any fixes for this.

What’s your username? If after upgrading today or tomorrow, whenever it’s approved, and it still doesn’t work for whatever reason, I can check your account.

Thank you! My username is: dylanf

I upgraded to 12.0.4 yesterday and am still experiencing the same issue described above.

Thanks for letting me know, we’ll get it fixed soon. Here’s a ticket to get it looked into: iOS: User's feed list is empty · Issue #1765 · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

How many feeds are you subscribed to? It looks like a whole lot more to the iOS app than the web app. How long does it take to load your feeds on the web?

Sorry for the delay. 1840, as I saw mentioned in the ticket, sounds correct to me. Not sure I totally understand the nested feed situation, but it sounds like a fix is in. Thanks so much! Do you know what version the fix is likely to be in?

Just launched v12.0.5 which includes this fix. Hope that helps!

Amazing, that worked. Thanks so much!