NewsBlur Hangs and Kills All Related Tabs Opened from NewsBlur

When NewsBlur chokes, which has been happening to me daily (lately), it also spreads it’s fail out to all the tabs I’ve opened from articles or pages within the feeds I’ve been reading in NewsBlur.

So, in effect, I lose everything I’ve opened. Usually I will go through NewsBlur and open content into tabs with the process being that I will get back to them after I’ve gone through all the feeds.

OSX: 10.8.5
Chrome Version 32.0.1700.102

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If you open the chrome devleoper tools and look at the network tab, does it list a large number of failed connections?

Have you installed any new extensions lately (including but not limited to rbutr)?

It sounds like a browser issue, Chrome can have a LOT of background tasks if you use many extensions or a few poorly written ones. Disable all extensions and try site, if it works fine then you’ll have to try each extension to see what causes it

On my side of the house I see Newsblur consuming more and more memory over time. It can literally bring my machine to its knees if I don’t close the Newsblur tab once a day or so and open a “fresh” one.

I just fixed the memory leak a couple days ago, so make sure you’ve reloaded the page and judging memory consumption from latest.

I’m using latest chrome and have it open for hours and memory not changing. Few people in past have reported issue here only to disable extensions and it stops.

Why not try it with the extensions disabled and see? It may solve this issue quicker

There is this to consider……