Newsblur Goes Blank on iPhone App

I have the Newsblur app scroll news at the end of the day for stories I may have missed. After I’ve scrolled past a couple of hours or so, I just get blank space. The bullets are there but the news headlines are absent. It’s been a recurring problem for the past few days.


I see this problem too. The App will usually crash right afterwards.

I haven’t seen this yet. Only when reading big folders? Do you read, switch to another app, then come back and continue reading?

No, I think it happens when I read an article in the app, then go back to the list view a few times.

Another time it seems to happen is if for some reason there is a slow connection between the App and the server.

I don’t move out all in between folders. I’m in the same folder scanning news articles when, all over a sudden, all I get are bullets and not text.

And you’re right @ericdano. the app does crash afterward. I always need to shut down iPhone and turn it back on

Did we ever get to the bottom of this???

NO. It still does this every now and then.

Mine still does it each and every time. I tweeted support and they advised me that there was a new version of Newsblur, so I deleted the old Newsblur app and did a clean download. Guess what? Still crashes. I love this app but at this point, I’m frustrated.

I just need to know at what point does it crash. Are you switching out from the app? Describe the exact sequence of events. And know that I just released an update a week ago, so what was true a month ago is probably no longer the case.

Gotcha, but I’m not basing my assessments on what happened last month. In fact, I’m basing it on what happened this morning. I tweeted Newsblur support about a week ago and they replied that a new version of Newsblur was available, so I deleted my current version of Newsblur from both my iPhone and my Apps store. I then downloaded the new version in an attempt to do a clean install. I began scrolling my local “RSS” Newsblur feed’s stories and after about 50 or so stories, the app crashed. The screen went blank, leaving only bullets. Then when I attempted to exit out of Newsblur and into my phone, I discovered that the app crashed the phone. Meaning there was nothing on my phone screen but the the background. I had to shut down the phone and restart, which was the case a month ago when I first posted this querry.

I’d love to get this straightened out because Newsblur is the best aggregation / curation device I can find, with add-ins like buffer, and since I run a network of sites that get over 100k page views per day, being able to quickly scan articles and breaking news is essential for business.

And no, I don’t ever switch out of the app when I’m searching for news. The only thing I do is email stories to myself or post them through buffer while I’m in the app, but I don’t exit and come back.

Yeah, it does something similar on my iPhone 5. It’s never completely frozen the phone though. It does quit out when it starts the bullet thing.

It’s hard to pin down where it is doing this. I’m connected to WiFi, it does it, as it does over LTE. It does it with off line on and off.

There is no real rhyme or reason to it, it just seems to do it. Switching from several tech feeds like Gawker and MacDailyNews that have a lot of articles in them seems to do it, though it has done it before on feeds with like 3 new articles.

I have my NewsBlur on the phone to store 2000 stories. No downloading of images.