Newsblur goes black -- am I the only one?

I can’t get into my newsblur account. It starts to load and says “Everything is on its way” but then the screen goes completely black. This hasn’t happened with any other site.

I’m using Google Chrome on a Chrome Book, if that makes a difference. I haven’t had a chance to check to see if it works on my other computer.

I thought maybe my premium account had expired, but I checked and it should be good until April 2015.

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looks fine to me - but i’m not on a chromebook… wouldn’t mind a black theme though…

Hmm, what’s your username?

I get this sometimes but it has always been because my browser/PC has been running out of RAM due to multiple ram hungry websites open at the same time, plus everything else then something will tip it over the edge and newsblur and/or other sites will just go black, like they have stopped rendering.

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My user name is christinerenee.

If it is a RAM thing then that’s weird because my old computer never did that and it had way more trouble handling newsblur than the new chromebook. Until yesterday it never had a problem.

OK. It must be the RAM. I made some adjustments and it works now.