NewsBlur gives the wrong number for number of sites subscribed to

Number of subscribed sites listed wrong. I have just 16 sites on my Newsblur account and all are enabled (username:guruprasad), but still it shows I have enabled 16/44 sites but I cannot see or delete the rest of the 44 sites that NewsBlur says I am subscribed to

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Nah, this is not a gentle nudge to upgrade to Premium. Got that answer already when this happened once some time back. Exporting to OPML, checking only 16 sites are listed there and importing doesn’t help either. :frowning:

Not sure what to do. I logged into your account and saw 20/20.

Hi Samuel, I had followed your suggestion on how to delete all the sites in another thread and deleted everything and imported from OPML. Now everything looks fine and that is why you see 20/20 now. Thanks for your prompt response :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this issue was due to some issues with the data on my account or the code. But for now, I have resolved the issue.

After resolving by deleting sites and importing from OPML, things were fine for some time. After that I didn’t do anything and now it says 20/55 :frowning: I will leave it as such so that you can have a look in case you want to.

Screenshot image attached to the last reply below.

I didn’t do anything and now it says 20/55 :frowning: I will leave it as such so that I

Just logged in and still see 20/20. Did you do anything? I only see 20 subscriptions in the db.

I just refreshed the NewsBlur page and I now see 20/20. No idea what is happening :frowning: